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We offer a list of a wide variety of products for our users, select from the list, and send us their links. Now relax, it’s not your headache anymore 1688 Agent China will do it for you.

Quality Control

Our QC team is highly professional and inspects every product to make sure that the product will deliver in good condition. Providing the right product to the client is our priority.


Reinforce Orders

We usually Combine all orders into a single one that will save up to 70% of shipping. We use boxes to make sure that the goods we deliver remain protected.


Shipping Goods Worldwide

We will be your 1688 shipping agent, and ship your goods across the globe according to the shipping method you have chosen. We do shipping by Air Freight, Air Express, & Sea Freight.


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Our 1688 Buying Procedure

Get Started with our 1688 procurement service by filling out the form below

Step 01

Choose Your Desired Product From 1688.com

Browse 1688.com products gallery, select your product, and record the product link.

Step 02

Tell Us About Your Need

You can contact us via (enter your company’s email address), or you may join our online-chatting, our “1 on 1” customer service starts after we get your request with the product details you need to purchase from 1688.com.

Step 03

Pay for your products

Once we get your product link, we will check it for the price, contact the manufacturer, and Calculate the shipping cost from the factory to our warehouse. And then we make the first payment, which includes all things within China.

Step 04

Place your order

After receiving payment from you, we purchase from 1688.com for you. Usually, we collect your product from 1688 within just three days.

Step 05

Step 05: Quality inspection

When we receive a product from 1688.com, we will check the product quality and make sure the product is exceptional and the same as shown in1688 product listing description.

Step 06

Step 06: Final Shipping Of Product

After making the shipping payment, we will ship your goods as per your request. We have various shipping methods for you to choose from. For example, Ship by expresses like DHL, UPS, FedEx, SF express, or Ship by Sea freight or by air freight.


Our Advantage

out of thousands of procurement agencies out there, here is why we stand out

Quality Product Inspection

We’ll help you inspect your sourced thoroughly to ensure that what you ordered is 100% the same as what you got in quality and appearance

24/7 Customer Support

Providing immediate assistance in a fast-paced environment is vitally important! We offer 24/7 support through our live chat, telephone and e-mail.

Cost-Effective Innovations

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we transform conventional maritime operations and create hitherto untapped cost- and revenue-saving potential.


Here are the quick answers for how to buy from 1688


Buying Guide

A quick guide on how to buy goods from 1688

Part 1 - 1688.com Basics

Let’s start with a fun fact – 1688 is actually a subsidiary of Alibaba.com

That’s right, 1688 is the local Chinese version of Alibaba.com – being founded by Jack Ma himself years ago.
And as a result, you can rest assured that the website comes with excellent management, maintenance, and a list of good suppliers.


But I Haven’t Heard of Alibaba.com Before.

No worries, let’s give you a quick run-down on it.

Alibaba is one of the world’s largest group of companies and Chinese origins. It specializes in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) networks, and it’s probably the dominant company group in that industry.

1688 is what you can consider a branch of Alibaba, and it’s called “阿里巴巴批发网” on the mainland. Its uses are primarily domestic, but you can gain access and import from local suppliers there, and to your business back home!

Part 2 – The Main Difference Between Alibaba.com and 1688.com

You’re probably wondering – “why try 1688 in the first place? Why not simply find Chinese suppliers through the Alibaba.com main site?”

And this is where the differences between both sites exist. 1688 is a network used primarily for domestic Chinese suppliers.

As a result, you’ll find that prices there are lower – and with better bargain deals that suit a supplier’s goals.

Alternatively, Alibaba.com has an international focus. Instead of giving you Chinese suppliers only, it gives you a larger map of markets to work with.


1688 is the Chinese version of Alibaba.com(and as a result, it has a few quirks that we’ll discuss below).

One of those quirks is language. Currently, 1688 is only in Chinese, and it doesn’t have an English version – unlike Alibaba.com which operates in multiple languages.

(For more info on how to deal with the language barrier – check the FAQ section )

Alibaba.com is readable in most world languages, which include English, French, and Spanish. It’s also readable in most Southeast Asian languages, Arabic, Turkish, and many more!


Do Chinese Businesses Prefer 1688 Over Alibaba.com?

Yes. 1688.com has been active in China for years, and it’s extremely popular among businesses there (especially for startups).

Currently, Alibaba.com is China’s biggest wholesale network. It’s also well-trusted, where it has developed a strong reputation throughout the years.

And as we mentioned before, suppliers on 1688 offer bargain deals. Thus, it’s preferred by local businesses there over its more international variant.

Thus, it’s not uncommon to see local businesses bulk-buying from that website.

In fact, 1688 currently has over 50,000 suppliers, which gives you a multitude of opportunities to buy and resell wholesale products!


Does 1688.com Offer Cheaper Products?

Yes, but there is a multitude of reasons for that.

First, Chinese suppliers tend to sell their lower quality stocks on 1688.com, especially if they can’t dispatch them fast on the Chinese market.

So there are some quality issues with what you buy on 1688. And this might be problematic if you’re buying from overseas, and you live in a place with strict product quality regulations.

However, do note that 1688.com doesn’t automatically guarantee better prices than Alibaba.com

Sometimes, you’ll find better deals on Alibaba.com (relative to the quality you desire). So be sure to compare each market before buying!

Part 3 – Buying from 1688.com: What to Consider Beforehand

Many local Chinese sellers do not update their inventory stats regularly. Thus, you might place an order for a supply, only to find that it’s gone.

This situation doesn’t occur too regularly. Expect stock info to be correct close to 90% of the time.

But, this might be an issue for you if you’re a high volume buyer.
On 1688, high volume sellers tend to struggle with keeping online inventory updates, especially considering the sheer number of sales that occur on 1688.

To avoid those issues, we recommend you choose a good supplier (or a good 1688 agent china buyer).

Pick suppliers with a “bullhead icon” next to their names. That’s a “TrustPass badge” which means that the supplier is Alibaba Group certified, making them trustworthy in their inventory updates!

#2 – Failed Purchases and Orders.

Sometimes, an order that you place can get invalidated. That might be due to the previous issue of the supply running out of stock.

If that occurs, the item won’t be added to your shopping cart.
However, the refund process is what’s odd on the 1688 platform.
After all, it isn’t a retail platform. Being a wholesale website, if you encounter any issues on purchase, the 1688.com will continue the purchase while accounting for stock problems.

Here, you get the opportunity to seek another supplier, where you can place a new order for the same product.

But, what can be an issue is the cancellation time. It usually takes a few days for suppliers to cancel an order after a purchase failure.
You also have the option of getting a refund to your credit card. Here, the money has to be refunded from the supplier to the 1688 platform first, before being sent back to you.

As for security, that’s never an issue when it comes to refunds. The platform protects your transactions, and it records and tracks everything, guaranteeing your money back if a supplier doesn’t fulfill it!

#3 – Cost Modifications for Domestic Shipping.

Sometimes a supplier doesn’t ship directly to you. They’ll send the product to a warehouse, adding extra domestic shipping costs per the final shipment’s weight.

The platform takes care of the starting stage of this fee. It automatically informs you of the additional costs using the default amount of (15CNY) as the lowest shipping cost.

Thus, the platform pays a portion of the shipping costs beforehand. The rest is something you’ll have to fulfill yourself.

A 1688 buyer has to manually confirm the full national shipping fee during order placement. And you do so after filling out your starting payment instructions.

After the full domestic shipping costs are confirmed (at their real value – not the minimum of 15 CNY), the warehouse buyer will extract the rest of the costs by deducting them from you. They’ll also inform you of the correction, and that the proper charge was registered in your 1688 purchase history.

Domestic shipping costs obviously depend on the shipping partners of the suppliers you purchase from. You’ll normally never need to worry about extra domestic shipping costs, unless you’re buying items that are too heavy or large.

Speaking of those.

#4 – Avoid Purchasing Products that are too Large or Heavy.

This isn’t a legal issue, it’s a price-related one.

It’s well-known that buying heavy items (especially ones with fragile components like TVs, furniture, bikes) can lead to price penalization.

It’s best if you buy those if you’ve already factored in the high global and national shipment costs.

Also, it’s best if you avoid buying those, unless you’re connected with low-cost forwarders to ship those items safely.

#5 – Delays and Timing.

Wholesale from China’s 1688 comes with a few problems.
First, being a business supplier network, you can’t expect it to provide the level of accuracy available on retail sites (like Amazon or Tmall.com).

As a rule, wholesale orders require time for processing. They require bigger lead times. And as a result, many of their products don’t get shipped immediately.

You can expect lead times to be around 1 to 5 days. Also, expect the processing of small orders to require up to a week.

Larger orders require even more time, ranging from 2 to 4 weeks for completion, with additional delays (of up to 3 days) in busy seasons (like November and December).

Regardless of the delays, there’s a way to work around them.
You can plan your purchase times by factoring in lead times plus seasonal issues – where you buy your supplies earlier than normal. This helps you avoid any inventory or delay issues.
However, if your order is taking too much time to reach you, then you may cancel it. This is assuming that your order has been on “ordered status” for way too long. And in that case, you can email the buyer for a cancellation.

Just note, if your supplier hasn’t shipped the order, then 1688 can’t cancel it for you. However, if it has been already shipped out, you shouldn’t cancel it. You might be penalized in that situation, losing service privileges from the 1688 website.

#6 – 1688 Agent China buying: Lillians’s Storage Warehousing.

The majority of 1688’s orders require more than a week for completion. During that period, you need a place to store your products until arrival (which may require around 3 months).
Lillian is a 1688 agent that offers that space. You get free storage for up to 3 months. However, any more time requires you to pay 5% of the product’s value for storage fees.